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What Our Decorators do for You

What Our Decorators do for You


US household wood furniture imports have risen from 19% in 1992 to 64% in 2008. TV ads tout inexpensive furniture groupings that essentially end up in a tag sale or, literally, curbside waiting for the trash hauler a few years later. Being educated about furniture quality is key for making the best decor investments.


We decorate our homes seasonally, whether we think about it or not! For the holidays, we have special foliage or floral arrangements to adorn our living and dining areas; in the winter our homes might have fleecy, comfy, practical accents like throws and quilts; in the summer we add candles, fresh-cut flowers and cheery artwork. Bringing the "outside" in with seasonal accents is a lovely way to transition and alter the look and feel of your home.​


Let me tell you a secret.....most homes are not lit properly. The investment you make in decorating your home is all about reflection - reflecting who you are and how your family uses your space. Lighting is what will spotlight your home's beauty; not your dark corners and inadequate task lighting. LED, incandescent, fluorescent - which is right? How about lumens and wattage? Who knew lighting was so key?

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Our stylists are experts in designing the perfect setting for:

-Residential decorating
-Commercial/Office Decorating
-Outdoor space design
-Kitchen design & decor
-Bathroom decor
-Living room decor
-Bedroom decor & accents
-Children's room decor
-Playroom decor
-Family room decor
-Dining room decor

and so much more...

Window Treatments

Nothing says "ordinary" like store-bought, ready-made window treatments; however, you don't need to break the bank to have lovely window coverings. Think layers and stay with one or two (a hard, like blinds, or a soft, like stationary panels) to get a designer look for not a lot of money, or go all out with 4-5 layers and wow your visitors.

Floor Coverings

It's always under our feet! We walk on it, our children crawl on it, our pets curl up and our significant others track in mud. Flooring options are endless, but must be made with you lifestyle in mind. For instance, durable flooring is great for a heavily trafficked area but not comfy for your one year old to toddle on when you begin with the function you require, whether you are redecorating or creating your dream home, there are many gorgeous options to choose from!

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