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Four Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Destination

Four Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Destination

How do your outdoor living spaces look?  Do they invite you out? As the weather warms and our gardens come alive, we tend to crave time outside in the sunshine. There’s no better place to do that then your own backyard.  One of the biggest trends in decorating today is extending your living spaces outdoors.  As homeowners maximize the use of their indoor areas they are finding that an easy way to create more space is to invest in decorating their porches, decks and patios. The challenge is that many homeowners don’t know how to approach furnishing and accessorizing outdoors.

At Decor&You, we apply the same focus on style and function to an outdoor space as we do indoors, treating it like a room or rooms, not just an adjunct area connected to your home.  With the following guidelines, you too can create outdoor spaces that will become some of your favorite spots to relax and entertain guests.

Create Rooms or Multi-Purpose Areas

The first step in creating an inviting outdoor destination is to decide how you want to utilize the space.  Do you want an area to relax in the sun and read a book or a place to sit and chat with your friends while enjoying a glass of wine?  Or perhaps you would like to cook or grill meals outdoors and have a dining table to host dinner parties.  Once you have decided how the space needs to function, develop an outdoor room arrangement plan to define each of the areas and how they will flow into one another.

Apply Indoor Comfort & Styling

Comfortable seating, tables, overhead and accent lighting and colorful accessories are some of what goes into creating functional and stylish indoor spaces. The same holds true outdoors.  The options are limitless when it comes to outdoor living room and dining furnishings. From cozy weatherproof fabric sectionals to classic rattan or wrought iron, you can easily find something that has your unique design aesthetic. Don’t forget the accessories like pillows, plants and area rugs. These help to make the space feel more finished.

Consider Shade & Warmth

For additional comfort, you must consider the heat of the sun on hot days and the chill of the night air when the season’s change. Options for shade include umbrellas, awnings or pergolas. A fire pit or fireplace is a great option for adding both warmth and ambiance.

Privacy Needs

Depending on your surroundings, privacy may or may not be necessary.  If you have neighbors close by or would like to create a space that’s a bit more secluded we have a few suggestions.  Drapery panels look fantastic if you have an outdoor space that has a roof or structure where you can install them.  Other options include building or purchasing stand-alone privacy walls or placing tall plants that will shield your space from view.  

Are you ready to get started on your creating your own outdoor destination?  

Now is the perfect time to be enjoying the nature and beauty of the outdoors.  If you need assistance, we would be glad to work with you to discover and design a space that is uniquely you.

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