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Smart Decor: The Magic of Motorized Shades

Imagine your home without window treatments.  Aside from feeling very exposed with the urge to duck behind a piece of furniture, I bet you also feel like the space looks unfinished and bare. That’s because window treatments play an important role in your home decor; they provide privacy, filter light, frame views to the outdoors, and enhance the look and feel of a space with their color, pattern, and shape.  In a house full of windows you may find yourself opening and closing the drapes and raising and lowering the blinds multiple times in a day. How many times have you left for work or vacation and then realized that you left the blinds wide open?  A motorized shade system can make window treatment management a snap and alleviate your privacy worries while you are away from home, which is why the Hunter Douglas Powerview® system is one of our favorite smart home innovations.

How does a motorized shade system work?

The Powerview Motorization system works through wireless communication to raise, lower, traverse or tilt window shades. It’s compatible with all types of shades including honeycomb, roman, pleated or roller and allows you to control your window treatments through your smart phone, tablet or remote control. 

The system’s app allows you to set “scenes” such as Wake Up, Reading, Lazy Saturday, or Movie Time.  You determine what position or light filtration you prefer for each scene to create the exact ambiance you desire.  You can do this for every room in your house and can create schedules to activate each scene as you see fit.  The system can even be linked to local sunrise and sunset times!  Once you set up your scenes, you can literally set it and forget it. And the system is very quiet, another big plus!

The wonderful thing about a motorized shade system is its convenience, especially in homes with many windows and in cases where they are large or hard to reach.  There’s no need to make the rounds to every window to adjust the shades multiple times a day and if you have to leave unexpectedly (or forget), privacy is as simple as accessing the app on your phone and pushing a button.

We believe a motorized shade system is the perfect marriage of beauty and function. If you are interested in learning more about incorporating the smart decor of a motorized shade system for you home, please contact us to set up a consultation today.

Posted 188 weeks ago